To be as cost effective as possible you
might concern reserving a space that
includes media such as

  • Spaces in the Student Resource Building
    • Please stop by the Information Center located on the first floor of the SRB during building open hours to fill out a space request form.
    • EOP Conference Room, Women's Center Conference Room, OSL Conference Room include media projection and be reserved with the front desk of each of these departments located in the SRB.
  • Multicultural Center Spaces
    • Please stop by the MCC front desk for required paperwork

In the case that the nature of your event supersedes the capacity of the event spaces above and you confirm a reservation in a general inventory space (i.e. rooms reserved via Ad Astra) and need media you will need to contact Instructional Development.  Instructional Development is dedicated to providing reliable and effective audio, video, and computer displays at competitive rates.

Instructional Development is the primary
contact for technical support in campus classrooms and lecture halls.

  • Contact Instructional Development with a minimum of 5 business days to arrange staffing and the use of any equipment you will require. 
  • Instructional Development will need your organization's name, the individual's name for the reservation, and potentially the individual's BARC number for billing purposes. 
    Please make sure you have communicated with them and understand how to pay all applicable media fees.
    If there is an alternative source of funding please provide that information when you outreach.

If you are a planning a concert or dance with live music we highly recommend that your organization request sponsorship by Associated Students Program Board (ASPB). ASPB is experienced at presenting live music for the UCSB community and with their sponsorship they can provide your event with production for films and concerts as well as event volunteers to assist with crowd management.  

If you are looking for a small Public Address (PA) system for outdoor music or a performance the ASPB office (located in A.S. Main Office, 1st floor of the Multicultural Center) allows the UCSB campus community to check it out  the system for free. You will need your access card. Remember, to apply for permission to amplify music or voice, which you can do when you create your event on Shoreline and fill out the 360 Event Planning Guide paperwork. For more information about amplification, please visit the Sound Amplification Guidelines.