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Click on “Re-register my Organization” on your group page


Update member roster, officers, constitution and add general contact info


Submit and wait for SEAL's approval. In the meantime, attend required workshops! See below for more information.

Organizations can register between Summer Session B until the beginning of Winter Quarter each year

Email campusorgs@sa.ucsb.edu

Educational Workshops

All organizations registering for the academic year must complete the following trainings:

Annual Student Leadership Retreat (SLR)

Offered at the end of week one in Fall Quarter

Organizations must send ONE officer to SLR. Failure to attend will result in the inability to complete registration for the year. This event is hosted the Saturday at the end of week one (Save the Date: October 7, 2023). 

RCO Orientation

Offered as an asynchronous module throughout Fall Quarter

Organizations must have ONE officer complete the module during the registration period. *Virtually provided. 

Click HERE to access the module. 

The Art of Inclusive Communication Workshop

Offered throughout Fall Quarter

Organizations must send ONE officer to complete the Art of Inclusive Communication Workshop. Participants will learn how identities shape communication styles, and how to prevent communication breakdowns and conflict. *Offered at the Student Leader Retreat. 


Bystander Intervention Training offered throughout Fall Quarter

Organizations must send TWO officers to complete the Sexual Violence & Sexual Harassment Prevention Training.

Registering a Campus Organization


Create/Update your Organization page on Shoreline

  • Each campus organization must have an updated group page every academic year.
  • All campus organizations require 3 officers (a president, treasurer, and one other officer of your choice) with completed officer verification, an updated constitution, member roster, logo, and general contact information for the organization.
  • Registration requests who fail to meet steps 1-5 will be deactivated at the end of the quarter and will lose all RCO privileges, including access to campus space reservations, and funding.


Attend Organization Leadership Trainings

  • Organizations must send at least ONE officer to each of the following workshops (most only offered in Fall Quarter):
    • The Annual Student Leadership Retreat (SLR)
    • RCO Orientation module (offered online asynchronously via this LINK)
    • The Art of Inclusive Communication Workshop
  • TWO officers will be required to attend the sexual violence prevention training (#GauchoBack: Bystander Intervention)
  • To RSVP for these leadership trainings, please visit Shoreline
  • The same officer does need not attend all trainings To check your organization's registration status, schedule a meeting with your peer advisor.


Meet Our Team!

  • All campus organizations are required to meet with a member of the Registered Campus Organizations advising team at least once per academic year
  • To see a full list of staff and intern advisors within our office, please click HERE.

To check your organization's registration status, schedule a meeting with your peer advisor.

What is a Registered Campus Organization (RCO)?
Essentially a "club," an RCO is an organized student group of 3 or more that share an interest, passion, or goal. RCOs function similarly to an on-campus entity (while they officially are 3rd party entities) and must comply with specific campus regulations and earn certain privileges in return. For more detailed information, please visit the Campus Organization Regulations and Privileges page. 

Does your student group need to become an RCO?
Not all groups of students function like an RCO. However, if your group plans on hosting events, fundraising, recruiting new members, scheduling on-campus spaces, or advertising on campus, then you need to become an RCO. We currently have over 400 RCO's on campus, so if you're thinking of starting a new RCO, check out all the currently registered organizations first on Shoreline! 

Helpful Links

Constitution Template: 
Word Format: 
Constitution Template 
(For Copying & Editing)

To find training dates: Shoreline Events

News & Updates: Shoreline Feed

PDF Format: Shoreline Manual

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This page is intended primarily for RCO leaders. If you are a student looking to get involved, head over to Getting Involved at UCSB. You can also contact us by E-mail at CampusOrgs@sa.ucsb.edu or stop by the Resource Center (SRB 1104).

Each RCO, based on its registration category, has an assigned Student Life Intern Peer Advisor and University Advisor. In general, and so that you receive prompt service, we recommend that you start by working with your dedicated Peer Advisor, who will connect you with a University Advisor. 

  • Registration and re-registration of organizations
  • Marketing advice and clarification of posting regulations
  • Making space reservations for on-campus venues
  • Finding funding on- and off-campus and submitting accounting requests
  • Navigating and making the most of Shoreline
  • Planning events, including how to complete the event planning guide and prepare for presentations for the Minor Events Committee
  • Planning workshops and strategizing to meet leadership challenges, such as recruiting and motivating members, facilitating meetings, and member development

Find my Student Life Intern Peer Advisor

  • Review of detailed contracts (prior to signing)
  • Unique risk management considerations
  • Campus Events (both small and large-scale)
  • Advice regarding off-campus events
  • Advanced interpretation of the Campus Regulations Questions about organization conduct

 Contact a University Advisor

Of course, you are welcome to stop in or contact us!

  • Stop by the Student Life Resource Center (SRB 1104)
  • E-mail us at CampusOrgs@sa.ucsb.edu - And if you'd like to request a meeting, please include several days and times that you are available so that we can schedule a time.
  • Give us a call at (805) 893-4569