Submit a Space Reservation Request 

Find room layouts and media capabilities at Classroom Attributes Database hosted by Instructional Development.

Trying to reserve a room not listed in the General Inventory? Visit our Campus Scheduling Guide to locate the contact for the venue you have in mind. 


Permission for amplified sound is required for all outdoor space requests where any voice or sound will be amplified. 

UCSB departments should direct academic one-time scheduling requests to the Office of the Registrar.


A complete list of rooms and spaces that can be scheduled through the Office of Student Life are available in the general inventory at the link below.

The list does not include departmentally-controlled rooms (see listing on the back page).

Possible fees are charged for the use of media in each venue by campus Media Services. Charges may vary based on what is used.

Fees may also be incurred by the use of Embarcadero Hall, IV Theater, Campbell Hall, and Buchanan.

Scheduling procedures vary depending on campus affiliation.

Academic Departments 
Submit the "Academic One-Time Room Requests" form through the above-listed link. 

Administrative and Non-academic Departments 
Submit the "[quarter, year] Office of Student Life" through the above-listed link.

Campus Organizations
An authorized signer must submit the "[quarter, year] Office of Student Life" through the above-listed link.

Off-campus User with no Net-ID
Contact the Office of Student Life directly at

All requests must be submitted at least 10 business days in advance. For campus orgs, off-campus users, and non-academic departments spaces must be reserved for ALL events.

Academic Departments
Submit the form to reserve a space for academic events that happen outside of regularly scheduled class times.
These may include:

  • Review sessions or lectures not related to a specific academic course
  • Meeting and special events
  • All events on holidays, during quarter breaks, and on weekends*
  • All events in Campbell Hall, Isla Vista  Theatre, and Embarcadero Hall on Tues/Thurs after 2:00 pm, and Mon/Wed/Fri after 3:00 pm*

For regularly scheduled academic events, such as classes, exams, and lectures please contact the Office of the Registrar directly.
*(except for academic events during finals week and "pre-instructional" days)