Student Engagement & Leadership staff serve as consultants to the campus community. In addition to one-on-one leadership consultations, we offer free, customized training sessions to groups of 10 or more students. Individual students, informally organized groups, and recognized campus organizations are all encouraged to seek consultation with the trained staff.

We know that truly effective leadership is possible and we believe that you are capable of changing the world. Don't face the thrills and challenges of leadership alone. Let us assist you in achieving your individual and organizational goals.

Reasons for leadership consultation vary widely. An organization might be growing and requiring new skills of its officers, facing a difficult issue and requiring outside intervention, or strive to inspire members with leadership skills. In any of these cases (and others), leadership consultation is an appropriate choice. 

Popular topics include: officer transition, organizational vision, leadership theories and development, effective marketing, conflict management, diversity dialogues, productivity style management, public speaking, risk management, and team-building.

Staff in SEAL are committed to providing individualized service to organizations.

  • One or more officers meet with SEAL staff to identify issues/needs 
  • Officers and SEAL staff collaborate to design an appropriate training or intervention
  • The training or consultation meeting is conducted.
  1. SEAL staff facilitate a training or consulting session
  2. SEAL staff and organization officers co-facilitate a training
  3. SEAL staff prepare organization officers to facilitate a training alone 

The Leadership Challenge® Workshop

The Leadership Challenge® Workshop


This comprehensive workshop series includes a personal 360-degree leadership assessment, one-on-one coaching, and engaging training to improve your leadership with research-based methods.

The Leadership Challenge® Workshop is offered every fall, winter, and spring. Workshop series are usually offered over the course of six weeks, beginning week three of the quarter.

Whether you want to step into the corporate realm with an edge or you want to plan the ultimate weekend music festival, this world-renowned workshop series is for YOU! Through participation in the series, you will learn The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership—five easy to remember, over-arching leadership practices that will yield results every time.

Not just any leadership theory can boast inclusion in more than 300 doctoral dissertations, research in more than 60 countries, or being practiced in several Fortune 100 companies... The Leadership Challenge can.

  • 360-degree leadership assessment (Student Leadership Practices Inventory or "S-LPI")
  • Engaging, interactive and multi-modal training
  • Extensive review materials and implementation tools
  • Certificate of completion of The Leadership Challenge Workshop at UCSB
  • Invitations to special events hosted by the Leadership Development Center and partners.

Find out more about The Leadership Challenge® online at

The Leadership Challenge Workshop will be offered quarterly. Registration will open week ten of the previous quarter via Shoreline! 

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Leaders Encourage A Difference (LEAD)

LEAD is designed for students of all grades (freshmen to seniors). The program will provide intensive leadership training in order to develop your skills and foster your potential as a leader at UCSB and beyond. This is a great way to learn about yourself, your community, and your leadership while building lasting connections and making new friends! Only 25 students will be selected and each must commit to doing the work affiliated with the program.

Please read the list of requirements below and sign your agreement to commit to them if selected.


  • We will meet as a cohort every other week starting Week 2.
  • Complete group and individual reflective activities prior to each session.
  • Come to each session with two new questions to ask your cohort → a “WHAT” and a “HOW” question…. (i.e. "WHAT did this week's activity teach me about myself?", "HOW did the responses of my peers change the way I think about the world?")
  • Completion of a 360- degree Student-Leadership Practices Inventory (a feedback instrument that will be provided and administered by SEAL at no cost to you).
  • Planning of, and participation in, a group community service experience (pending confirmation).

*Completion of the program will result in a certificate of Leadership Advancement and a LEAD LinkedIn badge*

Past participants have said

  • "I have established so many wonderful friendships and networking contacts through this program. I really feel like this program was more beneficial than I ever could have imagined."
  • "I cannot say enough about how helpful this program has been. It opened my eyes to the ways in which I can successfully be a leader on this campus."
  • "I cannot remember a program that I have been involved in that has taught me so much about myself, brought me closer to my peers, and helped me realize my leadership potential. I strongly believe that this program is extremely beneficial for all freshmen and I feel that I was truly successful in my first year of college in terms of academia, social integration, and leadership because of my involvement with this program."

Applications will be available via Shoreline during the academic year and students are chosen based on their potential for development.