Student Life Interns also serve as Registered Campus Organization Peer Advisors and community leaders ready to assist you as you navigate UCSB and follow Student Engagement & Leadership (SEAL) through the event planning experience. Our Student Life Interns are experienced organizational leaders who have demonstrated academic and community success. They can help disseminate important information such as how to plan a successful event planning, utilizing Shoreline, finding funding, and how to maximize your campus experience. While they serve as a resource for all UCSB students, Student Life Interns focus on facilitating the Registered Campus Organization Leaders while in their role by helping them engage with all of SEAL's tools and tricks.


If you have any questions, FEEL FREE TO SEND AN EMAIL  to our advising team and we will be more than happy to help!


Ajani Washington | he/him

Visual & Performing Arts and Health & Wellness RCOs

Antoinette Obiefuna | she/her

Cultural and Social RCOs

Caren Chua | she/her

Cultural and Social RCOs

Christopher Ison | he/him

Academic/Honorary and SIOP RCOs

Hannah Delvalle | she/her

Career/Professional and SIOP RCOs

Jordan Murray | she/they

Sexual & Gender Diversity and Community Service RCOs

Julianne Braime | she/her

Religious & Community Service RCOs

Lauren Kim | she/her

Religious and Career/Professional RCOs

Leili Delorme | she/her

Academic/Honorary RCOs

Samuel Cervantes | he/him

Visual & Performing Arts and Environment & Sustainability RCOs

Steph Raya | she/her

Sports & Recreation RCOs

SEAL Staff


Carlos Navarro M.E. | He/Him

Director, Student Engagement and Leadership

Viviana Marsano, Ph.D. | she/her/ella

Assistant Dean and Director, Civic and Community Engagement

Jonathan Ng, MTM | he/him

Associate Director, Fraternity & Sorority Life

Eric Palacios, M.S. | he/him/el

Assistant Director, Campus Activities

Mina Santamaria | she/her

Coordinator, Registered Campus Organizations & Activities

Christian Zuniga | he/him/el

Coordinator, Fraternity & Sorority Life

Krystalyn Llanes | she/her/ella

RCO Accountant & Financial Assistant