Through ED 173, Student Engagement & Leadership partners with the Dean of Student Life to meet students in the classroom, where they explore research foundations of leadership, engage in extensive self-reflection and participate in an experiential-learning Guided Leadership Experience.

Education 173

- Is an overview of theoretical constructs and practical applications of leadership. Through readings, lectures, discussions and a group project, the course assists students to develop individual approaches to effective leadership.

- Is offered annually, typically in fall and winter. Students who are unable to enroll and are interested in crashing should add themselves to the wait list  in GOLD. 

The course has the following objectives To:

  1. Introduce and examine historical, philosophical and theoretical perspectives of leadership.
  2. Explore components of leadership skills and organizational behavior.
  3. Explore practical applications of leadership theories.
  4. Assess and strengthen leadership skills and abilities.
  5. Understand leadership in a global context. 

*Book scholarship currently available*

Teaching Team:

Katya Armistead, Ed.D., Assistant Vice Chancellor & Dean of Student Life
Danielle QuiƱones-Ortega, M.A., Director - Student Engagement & Leadership
Joaquin Becerra, M.S., M.Ed. Ph.D. candidate, Assistant Dean & Director - Office of Student Conduct