Organization officers are responsible for their conduct of their organizations. Simply put, this means that organization officers might face disciplinary, legal, financial, or other consequences if something goes wrong. While thoughtful risk management cannot eliminate risk altogether, it helps to reduce the likelihood of trouble arising, reduce the severity of incidents, and improve incident response.

Whether you are having a small, members-only event or a large-scale, public event, consider the possible risks in each of these areas:

  • Participants' Physical Safety
  • Participants' Emotional Safety
  • Facility Integrity
  • Organization/Officer/Affiliate Reputation
  • Organization Finances

For each potential risk that you identify, you should also consider and implement ways to manage and reduce it. Furthermore, you should disclose risks to participants prior to their participation. 

In addition to risk management, there are two tools that we use with registered campus organizations to reduce organization and officer liability: University waivers and insurance.

University Waivers

Waivers provide protection to our University (not the registered campus organization). Use of waivers is required preceding any activities that present physical risks, including transportation, off-campus events, international trips, and moderate to high-risk events. Download University waivers from UCSB Environmental Health & Safety.

  • The Elective/Voluntary Activities Waiver is the most commonly used, general purpose waiver.

  • The Facilities Use Waivers (athletic/non-athletic) are used when a University facility (e.g. conference room, classroom, gym) is used for an event.

  • The Group Attachment can be utilized with either waiver and helps to save paper by collecting multiple participant signatures on a single sheet. When using the Group Attachment, be sure that the event title is identical to the one listed on the Elective/Voluntary Activities Waiver. Everyone who signs the Group Attachment must first review and understand the content of the Elective/Voluntary Activities Waiver.

The waiver is also required for minor participants (under 18). Parent signatures are required on all waivers for minors. 

Waiver Retention

Waivers should be kept on file for at least three years (when minors are involved, they should be kept on file until the minor turns 20). After an event, while not required, you can submit your waivers to SEAL for retention.


Event insurance provides protection to your organization and its officers. The UC Office of the President pays the cost of insurance premiums for on-campus events. Organizations are responsible for paying the cost of insurance premiums for off-campus events.

On-campus events considered low-risk are automatically covered by the policy. However, many events will require a separate form submitted to Campus Connexions. All off-campus events require a separate application for insurance coverage. Refer to the Insurance Hazard Classifications below to determine insurance requirements for your event.

Note: The Event Insurance policy also dictates the use of waivers. Without waivers, the insurance deductible (amount you pay in the instance of a claim) increases to $10,000.

Insurance Hazard Classifications 

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