Are you considering going off-campus to host an organization/chapter event such as a sporting activity, banquet, formal, club fundraising event, etc.?

Here are a few things to consider in comparing on-campus and off-campus event hosting:

Space at the university is always on demand. If you want to organize an event on-campus you should submit your space reservation form or contact the event scheduler/manager of your preferred location as soon as possible. Generally, space on campus will be the most convenient, cost effective, and reduce risk. 

  • However, if you do decide to select an off-campus venue you should consider the following:
    • Venue cost & deposit
    • Capacity
    • Will a representative from the venue be present and available during the event
    • Does the venue have an evacuation plan in place, if needed?
    • Does the venue provide the host with a contract specifying any expectations or additional usage fees?
    • Does the venue have a bar? If so, does the venue have an update liquor license?
    • Does the venue have any means of managing a line outside the facility?
    • Is the venue ADA accessible?  
When hosting event on-campus or off-campus the host should secure funding and know how much is available for the event before the contract planning begins. While booking venues, hiring transportation, and signing contracts the host will need to track their budget to ensure there is enough resource to pay all of the bills by the due date.
  • It is NOT recommended to use ticket sales to pay vendors for the current event. Pay all invoices and bills promptly and in the correct amount.
Unlike on-campus, off-campus events are not paid for by the University. You must have event insurance and in some cases you may have no choice but to obtain insurance, because the outside facility hosting the event requires proof of coverage before allowing the event to occur. Registered Campus Organization excluding national fraternities or sororities chapters can purchase event insurance using the UC insurance program (payment will be collected by debit card or credit card).
  • For national fraternities and sororities who require additional general liability insurance (national liability do not meet the facilities host standards) can apply for special markets event insurance with SMIC (payment will be collected by debit card or credit card). 
Depending on the nature of your event security may be required for your event. For events in Isla Vista or rentals via Isla Vista Park & RecreationIVFP is the primary point of contact for security. 
Depending on the nature of your event you may need to rent additional furniture. Please be advised that UCSB's Central Stores does not book off-campus.
The host should consider the transportation of the attendees of the event. Will busing be provided? Is public transportation an option in regard to location and timing?
  • The following should be accounted for when providing transportation:
    • Transportation company proof of insurance - you should request proof of insurance. 
    • Will the transportation be available both there and back?
    • What will happen if the transportation company cancels day-of? 
      (make sure to have an alternative plan or refund plan)
    • Are there enough seats/buses for the estimate number of attendees.
    • How will the crow at the bus pick location be managed?
    • Does the pick up location interfere with regular traffic?
    • Are the buses ADA accessible?
  • Be sure to sign contract so expectation are clear prior to the event. Also, the host should have the day-of bus drivers contact information for easy and available communication during the event.
  • To take precaution, if there is an opportunity to inform local taxi companies of the event the event host should make that contact and so attendees have several options in regards to transportation home.
Prior to the event, consider whether the host will be selling tickets prior to the event, at the door, or both, as well as ticket cost and inflation. Ticket sales prior to an off-campus event must be sold by the A.S. Cashier & Ticket Office. Pre-sale tickets is possibility, however, all tickets must be accounted for by A.S. Cashiers & Ticker Office. If you are selling tickets at the door they must be deposited at A.S. Cashier & Ticket Office.
  • Be sure to advertise all of the appropriate information regarding ticket sales.

360 Event Planning Guide, Meeting with a University Advisor, & Attending Minor Events Committee Meeting

  • The 360 Event Planning Guide (also referred to as 360) is a comprehensive tool for all Registered Campus Organizations including fraternities and sororities. Unlike on-campus event, off-campus events are not required to submit a 360 although it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 
  • Meeting with a University Advisor is recommended for off-campus events. Make your appointment today. 
  • Attending a Minor Events Committee Meeting is not required but organizations who are planning off-campus events are welcomed to troubleshoot with the committee.

"open bar", "open party", "pre-gamming" before, during, or after the event where there is unrestricted access to alcohol violate Campus Regulations.

  • If the event is serving alcohol to guest 21+, bar must be cash bar only where licenses are checked.
  • Additionally, you consider the following:
    • What percentage of the bar sales will be going to the venue or to the host organization? This should be determined prior to the event and should be included in the contract with the venue. Remember, if this is a fundraiser for your organization or chapter, check with your national board, regional director, or advisor to make sure you can actually have a fundraiser with alcohol. 
    • Is the event open to attendees 18+ and 21+ year of age? If it is 18+, how will the attendees be identified as underage or of age? 
    • How will alcohol purchasing and consumption be monitored? 
  • Please be advised that host organization will be held responsible for any misconduct or violations associated with event.

If the event will be hosted in a residential location, please inform your neighbors of the upcoming event and how they can get in touch with the host with any concerns. You should remain available for the duration of the event.