Special consideration will be given to projects which work with UCSB's Partnership Schools (listed below). Partnership schools also include the elementary and middle & junior high schools that feed into the high schools listed. We encourage outreach efforts which support students all along the Preschool-20 pathway of education.


  • Channel Islands High School
  • Dos Pueblos High School
  • Fillmore High School
  • Hueneme High School
  • Lompoc High School
  • Oxnard High School
  • Rio Mesa High School
  • San Marcos High School
  • Santa Barbara High School
  • Santa Maria High School
  • Santa Paula High School
  • Santa Ynez High School

For assistance identifying counselors in Partnership Schools, please contact Britt Ortiz, Director, Early Academic Outreach, 805-893-5185, or Mirian Gutierrez, Regional Manager, Destination College Advising Corps, Office of Education Partnerships. Mobile: 1(805) 680-3610