You can transfer funds from your organization's account to any other registered campus organization with an RCO account. 

To perform a transfer:


You may only perform this request if both organizations have completed the annual registration requirements. Organizations are verified by using the drop-down menu within the request form housed on Shoreline. If the organization does not show within the menu, they did not complete annual registration and are considered inactive by SEAL.


Log in and navigate to the Accounting Request form. Tip: You can also find a link to this form on the Shoreline homepage when you log in with your Net ID and password or under the RCO Officer Tools section. 


Complete the form:

  1. Indicate "Transfer to Registered Campus Organization (RCO) Trustee Account" as the transaction type.
    Transaction type
  2. List the organization you are transferring money to in the Payee field.
  3. Provide a description, which will be listed in the memo line of the transfer transaction.
  4. No backup documentation is necessary to complete a transfer.


Submit the form. You will receive a workflow update with a rejection notice if there is anything inconsistent with the request or an approval notice from when the transaction is complete.