Registering Campus Organization Accounting Request

As an organization officer, you can withdraw available funds from your organization's RCO account to:

  • Pay a vendor directly by check for services rendered to the organization (e.g. a university-approved: contracted DJ, licensed apparel company, or caterer)
  • Reimburse an individual by check for expenses incurred on behalf of the organization (e.g. supplies)

By default, withdrawals will be made from your organization's RCO account. However, the procedure described below can also be used to pay approved expenses from After Dark Fund Awards, CommUnity Grants, or SIOP grants awarded to your organization.

To perform any of these withdrawal functions:

  1. Log in to Shoreline and navigate to the Accounting Request form.
  2. Complete the form. To pay a vendor or reimburse an individual, you must provide appropriate documentation (described below). 
  3. Submit the form. You will receive a notice when the request has completed the workflow.

The same form can also be used to transfer funds to other registered campus organizations. Form submissions are required to pay UCSB departments such as Furniture Services, Instructional Development, Transportation & Parking Services, and the UCen; your organization's requisition and use of services constitutes and agreement to pay invoiced amounts.


SEAL maintains documentation of all accounting transactions, which enables your organization to maintain accountability among officers, promotes transparency from year to year, and allows for thorough auditing by the organization's officers or members or the University. In order to complete a payment or reimbursement request, you must submit a receipt or invoice to SEAL as backup documentation. This is done within the account request form as an upload. 

At a minimum, the receipt or invoice must include:

  • Vendor name
  • Transaction date
  • Item(s) purchased and assigned value(s)
  • Transaction total

Prohibited/Limited Purchases

Funds in RCO accounts cannot be used to purchase alcohol or any illegal items. Additionally, items that might present unusual risk or require special handling (e.g. motor vehicles, chemicals, etc.) will be flagged for review by the Director of SEAL prior to payment processing. The primary purpose of this review is to evaluate the potential risk imposed upon the organization and its members by the purchase. The Director may approve the transaction, require stipulations (e.g. clarification of purpose of purchase, procurement of vehicle insurance), or deny the transaction. If your organization is considering an unusual purchase, consider contacting the Campus Organizations Advising Team for prior approval to ensure the timely processing of your accounting request.